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The water is blue (well, almost), yachts cruise past the full-height windows and, if you so wished, you could step straight from the house onto a souped up power boat whilst fending off a hulking giant snapping at you with iron teeth.

Yes, my friends, if James Bond was Welsh (and there’s a thought) he’d definitely live here – in this amazing glass-fronted house carved out of rocks on the banks of the Menai Straits.

"I could swear I left the house around here somewhere..."



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Whatever you think about the video – filmed in black and white and including a lot of wistful staring out of windows, and even a bit of wistful staring into a pint – there’s no denying that the cliff side location of this former coastguard’s cottage is just … awesome (though whether it’s £700k’s worth of awesome is moot).

St Alban's Head & coastguard cottages


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The Hebridean island of Taransay, which featured in BBC’s reality TV series Castaway, is on the market with an asking price of £2m.


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If you like the idea of living on an island, but preferably one not too far from the nearest pint, this might fit the bill: a lovely two bed house on Whittets Ait, an island in the middle of the Thames.

Whittets Ait

The place was originally a boat house, hence the ship-lap boarding, but it’s been cleverly converted and comes with two moorings, riverside gardens, and lovely views over the river Wey and the Thames.

The upside: it’s accessible by bridge so you won’t have to fire up the outboard to get to work on a wet Monday morning.

The downside? It’s in an exclusive gated development in Weybridge, which may not be to everyone’s taste. Oh, and global warming. obviously.

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This week we’re off to the Japanese coast where architects Ciel Rogue have built an extraordinary green-roofed  villa that nestles seamlessly into its lush hillside surroundings.

Villa Ronde

The house, which is not designed to look like a Swiss cheese, is built around a circular courtyard with the interior laid out as a continuous loop, with one room leading into the next, creating a consistent and uninterrupted flow of space.

The entire roof is accessible, and is covered with 30 cm of earth, deep grass, and plants. The green roof helps cool the interior and save energy, and has a built-in watering system to keep it alive.

The round shape was chosen in order to maximise the views, and to provide resistance to the typhoons that lash this coastline … or as the architect put it:

The round shape is the best to cover the beautiful view around as well as to resist and glide in the strong typhoons winds.

Everything is thought for the best thermal natural ratio with a double facade for protecting from winds and sun, as well as the roof is covered by one foot of soil including a watering system.

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Zombie proof house 

Converted cement  factory 

Dwelling in Avila 

Singaporean pool porn 

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Ok, we’re off to Greece this week, and with volcanos in the news what better than a seaside retreat with views over one.

The agent describes it thus:

 Rare, historic two storey sea captain’s villa set atop the caldera cliff in a quiet, central neighbourhood of the preservation village of Oia, Santorini.

Top of the world views facing to the sea, caldera and volcano from the courtyard, main terrace, rooftop terrace and each room. Built in 1864 in an architecturally unique Italian renaissance inspired style, it has high cross-vaulted ceilings throughout.

A national listed building renovated in 2001-2002 to a very high standard by the current British-American owner.

Added in 2006 is the next-door cave style house built in the 1800’s and also renovated by the current owner with many architectural features. This traditional house is now incorporated with the main house by two internal doorways.

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Now this one is a bit special: a boathouse with a cedar shingle roof that’s perched right on edge of the beach at Bonchurch on the Isle of Wight.

It’s a charming little place with pebble walls and eye-brow windows and has a distinct nautical feel.

I’d happily retire here with a black cat. I’d spend the rest of me days drinking rum on the porch, singing filthy sea shanties, and frightening the tourists.

Well, I would if I had £950k and could actually sing. But I don’t, and I can’t. Bah!

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Falling Water … Wales     

 Gins Old Farmhouse

Lenwade Mill

Barns by the river

Modernist seaside retreat 

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