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The number of court orders to evict tenants has risen by 9% in the last year, while the number of tenants in severe rental arrears is up by 13%.

According to new research by Templeton LPA, which acts as a receiver of rents for lenders when landlords have defaulted on BTL loans, 74,492 tenants in England and Wales are in severe arrears – a 13% increase compared to the same time last year.

This also represents an increase of 4% compared to 71,483 in the previous quarter.

However, while the numbers are up, this still represents just 2.1% of all properties in the private rental sector in England and Wales.

And despite tenant difficulties, buy-to-let mortgage arrears cases fell by 12% in the last year.

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Well, we’ve all seen it: a scrubby little garden at the front of an empty house.

The weeds are rampant, there’s an old fridge in the corner, and maybe a broken down car seat in the middle of what used to be the lawn.

But how many of us have thought … hmmm, that fridge and that car seat, you could put them together and make a really cool sofa.

Fridge Couch

No, me neither. But Adrian Johnson, a self-styled recycled furniture artist, did think this, and then he set about making it.

He’s not completely daft though: he did source  solid retro fridges (not yer flimsy modern jobbies), and the car seats, weathered leather from vintage BMWs, wouldn’t look out of place in  the Garrick Club.

The end result:  Fridge Couch. Love it, want one … the perfect place to chill out of an evening.

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This week we’re off to Llandudno, where this curiosity is currently for sale.

Tollgate House on Marine Drive, West Shore is one of a pair built in the mid 1800s to complement the construction of  the limestone fortress-like lighthouse on the cliffs above.

The views … well, the pictures tell their own story.  We’ve asked the agent for interior shots and they tell us they just haven’t got round to it yet but will do soon. Should be interesting!

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Phil Neville has had a less favourable result in the property market: the asking price of his triplex penthouse apartment on top of Beetham Tower, Manchester, has been slashed by £250,000 (to £3,750,000).

Phil Neville .. don't jump!


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We wrote some months ago about the impending fire sale of publically owned property as cash-strapped councils offload assets in response to budget cuts

The latest in a long list to appear on the market is Warminster Old Town Hall, which is now for sale on ebay with an asking price of £200,000.

Warminster Town Hall


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I interviewed Gary Tarn many years ago when he lived in a mews house designed by John Pawson so it’s interesting to see an example of his own work – in this case the conversion of a Grade II-listed former Methodist chapel in Devon.

It’s a beautiful job – Tarn’s stripped down aesthetic works well with the simplicity of the Methodist design but there are numerous lavish details that make this an understated but very luxurious home.

Methodist chapel


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And while we’re here, this funny little film won  an award at the MOFILM Pepsi Short Film Competition at the Shanghai International Film Festival:

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